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Liberty Camp Geauga is now Liberty Camp USA

The dream for Liberty Camp was to have it spread across the land. 2021 welcomes Lake county resulting in the name change from Liberty Camp Geauga to Liberty Camp USA. we hope and pray that Liberty Camp USA will continue to expand across our great nation to continue creating the next great generation, one time traveler at a time.

The idea for Liberty Camp Geauga was birthed in 2014 after Linda O’Brien, Founder and Director, experienced the Portage County Liberty Camp for Kids. The passion to undertake the project came from concerns that America’s educational system was presenting less and less factual American history and eliminating the values that this country was founded on.  Worse yet, the void created by stripping our country’s history from text books is being filled with fantasy text regarding Marxism and Socialism.

The initial hurdle was fund raising.  The startup money for the camp was estimated to be approximately $5,000.  O’Brien sold raffle tickets for use of her timeshare generating nearly 50% of the startup costs and the balance was funded by O’Brien.  O’Brien was joined by a small group of committed, like minded citizens who dedicated their time to LCG’s start up. When considering possible locations the Director of the Geauga Park District, Mr. John Oros, recommended the Chickagami Park located six miles south of Burton Square. Liberty Camp of Geauga County in Ohio was officially launched in 2015 and scheduled for the last week in July.

A number of individuals volunteered for reenactor roles and in the spring of 2015 LCG posters went up across Geauga County.  The response was most encouraging. The initial year camper and teen enrollment reached 90. In the years that followed the text was expanded through extensive research, input from Williamsburg and help from professional reenactors of the American Revolution.  The camp follows a strict timeline of America’s founding years and brings to life the names, dates and events of the fight for freedom. Campers are 1st through 7th grade students and Teen Patriots are 8th grade through college contributing as reenactor assistants.

Today campers become time travelers who travel back to the 1700’s and experience the struggles and sacrifices of the Colonists as they fight to gain liberty from the British.  They meet the known and unknown heroes; learn that America is a Republic not a democracy and that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are critical pillars that must be protected for America to remain free. The importance of personal virtue including perseverance, courage, honesty and vigilance are learned as they stand with America’s founding citizens. Campers experience the work, play and food of the 18th Century – they even learn the manners of the time!

Thanks to generous donors and committed volunteers the cost of LCG remains at only $50 for the week.  LCG is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation with the goal of re-igniting the flame of patriotism in today’s youth by teaching true American history in a fun and memorable way.   The goal of the camp is not to make money – it is to make America’s next great generation! It is our hope and prayer that that this educational experience will spread across our exceptional Country!!

Late in 2019 Liberty Camp Geauga was honored by the Ohio House of Representatives with a Commendation stating “We note with pride that the State of Ohio continues to prosper through the work of individuals such as those associated with the camp, who are striving to ensure that the important details of our country and its past are transmitted to future generations.”