Liberty Camp USA is very dependent on our great volunteers.    If you would like to join our team please complete the form on the right.  Choose a role for which you would like to volunteer.

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Please read the following photo release.
As a Volunteer “I agree” constitutes your legal waiver as written.
I hereby authorize the Liberty Camp USA 2021 and the Liberty Camp USA staff to use,
reproduce and/or publish all written and/or visual materials, including photographs and video that
may pertain to me or my children. I understand that this material may be used in various
publications, public affair releases, recruitment materials, or for other related endeavors. This
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reference to same in any manner that is deemed appropriate in order to promote/publicize the


Please read the following waiver of liability.
As a Volunteer “I agree” constitutes your legal waiver as written.

All volunteers must have a signed Liability Waiver to participate at Liberty Camp USA.
I certify that I have adequate accident Insurance and I will not hold Liberty Camp USA, its Leaders, Staff or Volunteers liable for any and/or all claims related to participation in this program.

There are many ways to volunteer for Liberty Camp USA.   Review the options below. If you have any questions, please click here:  Contact Us.

If you would like to see details of areas that may be of interest to you click the Plus Circles to get details.  Check the areas that you may consider. Fill in the form above and we will contact you and help in that decision-making process.

  • Group Leader
  • Section Leader
  • Registration
  • Setup / Take Down
  • Costume Assistant
  • Craft Assistant
  • Website Coordinator
  • Teen Patriot Assistant
  • Publicity
  • Photography / Videography
  • Prop Design and Care Assistant
  • Fund Raising
Group Leader

Group Leaders lead the time travelers (campers) from station to station.   They reinforce what the campers have learned in previous stations and help to tie the message together. They may assist Station Leaders when requested with lessons that require an extra set of hands and they sign the campers out to their parents at the end of the each session. Costumes are required.

Section Leader

Station Leaders have several options. We have three “teaching” stations where the leaders present specific history lessons and include the campers in the events of the past. There are also 3 activity stations – The Concord Inn provides snacks, Philadelphia provides the creative outlet through arts and crafts plus Valley Forge provides a physical outlet where games of the 1700’s are played. The Station Leader role requires a costume.


Registration greets the campers every morning and is responsible for signing them in. They help with questions from parents and directing campers to their groups. Costumes are required.

Setup / Take Down

Set-up/Take-down Crew arrives 45 minutes to an hour before the camp starts and assists in setting up tables and chairs, posters, canopies, charts and signage. They return at the close of the camp and spend 30 minutes to tear down. Costumes are not required.

Costume Assistant

Costumes Assistants are helpful in so many ways, before, during and after camp. They can assist in organizing, collecting, and/or making costumes, making sure costumes fit properly and that the costumes are there on the days they are needed. Costumes are not required.

Craft Assistant

Craft Assistants help to gather the supplies for each craft during the week in the numbers needed. They may help with assembly of some crafts before camp begins and will provide assistance during camp. If involved at the Learning Station costumes are required.

Website Coordinator

Website Coordinator is responsible for adding pictures and video to the website. They may help with changing the various camp forms from year to year.

Teen Patriot Assistant

Teen Patriots Assistant is responsible for helping prepare the Teen Patriots in their role of re-enactors. They will assist in rehearsals and assignments of the teens who volunteer. Costumes are not required.


Publicity is responsible for contacting media and other 501(c)3 organizations to promote registration and advertisement for the camp. Costumes are not required.

Photography / Videography

Photography/Videography is responsible for assisting with campers’ pictures, group pictures, and action pictures or videos of the various stations during camp. Costumes are not required.

Prop Design and Care Assistant

Prop Design and Care Assistant is responsible for creating new props, replacing worn props and organizing them for each station. Costumes are not required.

Fund Raising

Fundraising is responsible for grant procurement, local campaigns via the Internet, website, Facebook, etc., to insure that monies are available for operation, materials, and scholarships. Costumes are not required.

There are many ways to become involved, and we welcome all levels of participation. Many hands make light work, and the more volunteers, the more rewarding the experience for us all!

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